Sajna Sabzi Helps to Improve Skin Tone

Sajna Sabzi Helps to Improve Skin Tone
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We all eat sajna Sabzi and we love also. Its is highly used in Indian state Odisha. Did you know that sajna Sabzi was not only very good in taste, but also it’s helps to improve our skin tone and helps us to look bright and healthy. Let’s know some more about it…

1. Sajna Sabzi was not also very good in external uses on skin, but also very good when we eat. It is full with Colagen protein which helps us to improve skin tone and tighten our skin sell.

2. First dry the sajna leaf and blend it very well. Now let, 1 spoon of the this powder and add 1 spoon of honey and rose water. Add half spoon of lemon juice also. Now mix it well and apply to your face. After applying it, let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash it with light hot water.

This face pack helps to look bright and improve skin tone. It also helps to reduce aging problems.

Sajna Sabzi Helps to Improve Skin Tone

3. Sajna oil is very very good moisturizer for lips. For this reason, many big brands who manufacture lip balm, they use Sajna oil. It is very good in sensitive skin also.

4. If anyone have dark skin tone, they can also use Sajna powder paste. It’s helps them to improve skin tone and get brighter skin very fast naturaly.

5. Sajna has a very good anti bacterial product. If you have pimple problem on your face. Paste sajna leaf and apply it directly to your face. It will helps to reduce pimples.