Japan takes a big loss as Shinzo Abe declared dead!

Japan takes a big loss as Shinzu Abe declared dead!

Tokyo: Japan is one of the most beautiful and safe places in the world. No one think that it can be happen in Japan.

Yes, someone shoot down the former prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. According to the reports, Shinzu Abe is now dead.

The shooter is a ex Navy officer who serve in Japanese Navy and he was now retired. He said that, he was not happy about ruling rules of the Shinzo Abe. So he shoot down him.

The buying guide of a gun is very hard and strict in Japan. So where he get this gun for shooting. Well Japanese media said that he made this gun himself in his home with the help of a 3D printer and shoot down the former prime minister of Japan.

The lifestyle in Japan is very good. But people were not happy who live in Japan today. Most of them are in depressed and suicide rate of Japan is all time high in over the world.

The population of Japan was also decreasing very very fast. So Japan was also thinking to import people’s from other countries like Canada, US and European union to maintain their population. Reports says that in the coming few decades, Japan is going to crash the population.