Driving a Auto | Actor Yash’s Story

Kochi: India is a very huge country and the population of India was also huge. South Indian superstar Yash was now a very big personality in Indian cinema. There are no one who don’t know superstar Yash. Yash was also known as KGF man. This popularity was spread after his super duper hit movie “KGF Series”.

In an open interview in Kerala, Yash said that it was very hard for my family to joined Indian cinema. Because my father was a bus driver in Hassan, Karnataka and my mother was a housewife. I belonged to a poor family and my background was nothing. From my college time, I always wanted to be an actor in Indian cinema. You may also like to Download Advance Servers.

Driving a Auto | Actor Yash's Story

Yash Said: One day I left my home without saying anyone to Bengaluru. I have only 300 rupees in my pocket which I got from my father’s pocket without telling him about it. I spend many days just to watch the process of shooting movies. Because I don’t know anyone and don’t know anything about this industry.

Suddenly, I got an opportunity to promote a movie with an auto. That was a big success for me. I didn’t leave that opportunity. Then times goes up and I got some movies and now I am a superstar. If I look back on my career from where I started all those things in my life, I didn’t believe that I could get it.