The technologies curriculum area relates particularly to context that provide scope for developing technological skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through creative practical and work related activities. For this reason, the framework provides experiences and outcomes which can be applied in business, computing science, food, textiles, craft, design, engineering, graphics and applied technologies.

Curriculum for Excellence

In our increasingly technological world technology affects every part of pupils’ daily lives and they will be encouraged to use the interactive smart boards, access the internet, take pictures, video and record their work and manipulate programmable toys at all stages in school. The list is not exhaustive as the pace of change in technology applications seems to be increasing daily.

Pupils will also be challenged to use software on the computer for a variety of applications.

Technologies will be taught within other areas of curriculum, in order to give a realistic context for the application of the skills being taught, we have the opportunity of using the computing suite in the Academy when we wish to work with a class of pupils working on the computers at the same time.

Each class has access to two or three PCs, and we have nine mini laptop computers available for pupils to use.