Religious and Moral Education

Scotland is a nation whose people hold a wide range of beliefs from the many branches of the Christian faith represented throughout the land to the world’s other major religions and to beliefs which lie outwith religious traditions. Such diversity enriches the Scottish nation and serves as an inspiring and thought provoking background for our children and young people to develop their own beliefs and values.

Religious and moral education enables children and young people to explore the world’s major religions and views which are independent of religious belief and to consider the challenges posed by these beliefs and values. It supports them in developing and reflecting upon their values and their capacity for moral judgement. Through developing awareness and appreciation of the value of each individual in a diverse society, religious and moral education engenders responsible attitudes to other people.

Curriculum For Excellence

Each class has timetabled RME lessons in class which focus on Christianity, World Religions, Development of Beliefs and values. Through these lessons we hope the children will develop reflective and critical thinking skills. We also hope that these lessons will ensure our pupils have tolerance of other religions. These lessons are at no time an indoctrination of Faith. Teachers will ensure that children and young people from within any Faith are treated sensitively. While some may wish to discuss their Faith, others may not.