Driving a Auto | Actor Yash’s Story

Driving a Auto | Actor Yash's Story

Kochi: India is a very huge country and the population of India was also huge. South Indian superstar Yash was now a very big personality in Indian cinema. There are no one who don’t know superstar Yash. Yash was also known as KGF man. This popularity was spread after his super duper hit movie “KGF … Read more

Japan takes a big loss as Shinzo Abe declared dead!

Japan takes a big loss as Shinzu Abe declared dead!

Tokyo: Japan is one of the most beautiful and safe places in the world. No one think that it can be happen in Japan. Yes, someone shoot down the former prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. According to the reports, Shinzu Abe is now dead. The shooter is a ex Navy officer who serve in … Read more

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann’s marriage today

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann's marriage today

Chandigarh: Bhagwant Mann is the new cm of Punjab and we all know about this. He is going to marry today. His mother (Harpal Kaur) and sister (Manpreet) choice Doctor Gurpreet Kaur for Mann. This is the second marriage of CM Bhagwant Mann. Before this, he married to Indarpreet Kaur. They have two childrens. Their … Read more

Death threat to Indian actress Swara Bhaskar

Death threat to Indian actress Swara Bhaskar

Recently Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar received a letter of death threat. Mumbai police already started investigation after receiving FIR about this case. A letter was received by Swara Bhaskar on her home. She opened it up and She read this death threat. It is describe that they didn’t accept the intolerance about the social worker … Read more