Sports Day

The weather stayed fine for our annual Sports Day, in fact at some points it was extremely hot. The children all tried their best and put in plenty of effort. We had Sports Day Champions this year which is a new type of award for us. The Sports Day Champions were able to get points in the Sports Day races themselves and they also got points in the field events that happened in the lead-up to our Sports Day afternoon.

After the Sports we had our Fete. This was really good fun with lots of activities and prizes. We raised around £400. The P7s organised a lot of the stalls to raise money for their Edinburgh trip and so £280 of this was for them. The Primary School Fund got £60 and the Nursery Fund got £60.


Cawdor Castle

We enjoyed our visit to Cawdor Castle but the weather was terrible. The maze looked fun but we couldn’t go in because it was too wet. There was a kind of dry moat with a burn beside it. There were 45 rooms and there were lots of books. There were real ostrich feathers above Lady Cawdor’s four poster bed. There is supposed to a ghost that plays piano in Cawdor Castle but some of us say that it doesn’t play the piano! The gift shop was nice but expensive. There was a very steep staircase. Lady Cawdor has a ceramic shoe in her room that always has to point at the door. There is secret doorway going to the dungeons. The castle was built where it is because a man was told to build the castle where his donkey lay down to rest.

By Sarah, Jasmine, Catrina, Molly, Connor K and Jack.

South Highland Inter School Sports 2016

We had a wonderful day at the Inter School Sports on Saturday 28th May 2016, the sun was shining and everybody was cheerful and supportive. Our team was Emma Findlay, Emma Rowe, Sufia Chowdhury, Loulou Nisbet (reserve), Grace Bremner, Lisa Findlay (reserve),Hugo Findlay, Sam Kennard (reserve), Jack West, Kai Frost and Colla MacDonald.

We came home with a good selection of medals, there were eight teams in our section so winning a medal was quite an achievement. Emma Findlay won gold in high jump and another gold in the 80m race. Hugo won silver in the 600m race and Sufia won bronze in the shot putt.

We are all very proud of our medal winners but we are proud of of the whole team, their good behaviour, good cheer and positive attitudes were a credit to the school

Dairy Dates

Monday 23rd May at 9am

P1/2 Bug Hunt

Thursday 26th May at 7pm

Parent Forum meeting in school hall.

Saturday 28th May at around 10am

South Highland Inter School Sports at Bught Park, Inverness

Tuesday 31st May- morning

Eco-Committee-Travel Survey

Monday 6th June

In-service training day so school is not open to pupils.

Thursday 9th June at 1.30pm

School Sports (Weather permitting).

Monday 31st May- Friday 3rd June

Book Week– Scholastic Book Fair will be in the school for most of the week and we plan to run a Book Week for all classes. We will be doing all kinds of interesting activities around the books being studied in class. Look out for challenges instead of the usual homework and hopefully some extra excitement about books. On the Friday of this week, we will hold our Open Afternoon and we intend to provide some sort of entertainment for the parents to start the afternoon off.

Tuesday 14th June – Thursday 16th June

P7 Edinburgh residential trip

Wednesday 15th June

P1-6 trip to Cawdor Castle- more details to follow.

Monday 27th June at 1.30pm (tbc)

P5-7 Inter school football match with Invergarry Primary School  -1.30pm

Beyond the Panda

On Monday 16th May, Sandie Robb from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland came to visit the school. She spent time in each classroom and we learned all about pandas, their habitats, their babies and what they eat. The activities were really good fun and helped us with our learning.

Fund Raising for P7 Trip

Abi brought in some tiffin and crispy cakes which were left over from the Loch Ness bike race. P7 decided to sell them to race funds towards their Edinburgh trip. We don’t know the final total yet, but it was around £20.

We are also planning a Bingo night with a raffle. Cakes and refreshments will be included.

We are planning a Mario Kart Wii tournament but we will give details nearer the time.

Watch out for details of our other fund raising efforts.

By Abi and Colla


We’ve had a busy few days! We have been celebrating Easter in all sorts of ways. On Wednesday Tabea came in to school for our Easter service. She told us, with Erin’s help, the Easter story. Then, we all wrote our troubles on leaves and attached them to the ‘Tree of Troubles’. Finally we sang some lovely songs and the younger bus-class pupils were able to lead us.

We had a decorated Easter egg competition on the last day of term. The eggs were placed in baskets and we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. The eggs in baskets brought in were ‘eggcellent’. We really had a hard time choosing winners, Mr Peers might have a few sleepless nights because he found it so hard. Mrs Walker judged the nursery eggs and the P1/2 eggs, Mr Peers judged the P3/4 eggs and Miss Starr judged the P5/6/7 eggs. It was very ‘eggciting’.

Finally, we went outside and rolled our eggs. It was quite wet and dreary but the eggs were all finally rolled and nearly all of them cracked (or, more accurately, smashed).

Inverness Caley Thistle

Today we had a lovely visit from the community department of Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club. They brought the Scottish Cup with them for us to see, so it was very exciting. The Cup is about 140 years old. This is the first time Caley Thistle have won the Cup but we’re wishing them lots of luck for winning again this year. Jasmine was at the game when they won the Cup last year so she was happy to see them here. DSCF1761[1]