Kilchuimen Primary School

Alltnachriche 2017


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Peers, Mrs Fraser and P5/6/7 for the successful visit to Alltnachriche last week.

Thank you Sheree for going, we really appreciate that you attended and so willingly gave up three days and two nights of your own time to make it all possible.

Many thanks to Mr Peers, the staff volunteer for the trip, who also gave of his own time so that the trip could go ahead. Not only did this mean that Mr Peers was on duty 24 hours a day while away, but he also spent a considerable amount of time beforehand on planning and preparation.

Finally, thank you to the P5/6/7s who attended who were, unsurprisingly, a credit to us all with their good behaviour and good spirits, enthusiasm and engagement.

Please have a look at the presentation below.