The Great Glen Football League

Over the past few weeks Kilchuimen Primary School has been hosting an interschool football league competition. Teams from Balnain, Glen Urquhart, Stratherrick, Foyers and Kilchuimen Primaries competed over three days of matches.

Every team played extremely well and it was clear all the children involved relished the chance to take part in a fun but serious competition. All the teachers were particularly impressed with the positive attitudes, willingness to work hard and teamwork displayed by all the players.

After three days of competition, with each team playing twelve matches, it came down to the final game. Glen Urquhart B were playing Balnain A in the final match which, through serendipity, would decide the eventual winners of the league. Balnain A were trailing by three points (27) from Glen Urquhart B (30) and given they were both equal on goal difference the final result would be decisive. A win for either team would mean they topped the league but a draw would see Glen Urquhart B crowned as champions. The match itself was very tense with Glen Urquhart B taking an early lead only for Balnain A to quickly equalize. Following another two goals, leaving the game delicately poised at 2 – 2, the final four minutes were fraught as both teams were attacking hard leading to a number of desperate goal mouth scrambles.

In the end the game finished as a draw leaving Glen Urquhart B as the first Great Glen Football League champions, deserving winners of a great competition. It was a fantastic tournament played, by all, with great sporting spirit and determination. Thank you to all who took part and to the teachers and parents who gave up their time to help organise the event. We also need to thank Kenny and Emo, senior pupils in the Academy, whose help setting up, refereeing and clearing away was invaluable. It would not have happened without them.

We hope to run the league again next year given the success of the first league (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the winning team to upload at the moment, I will add it as soon as I get hold of it!).

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