Kilchuimen Primary School Olympics (Day Two)

Another day, another round of exciting Olympic competition. On day two we headed to the track for our running races. Everyone took part in the sprint races (50m) and the older class stretched their legs on a longer distance (200m & 400m). There were a number of excellent performances and close contests. A number of French athletes finished fourth in the running events which allowed us to discuss the heartbreak of finishing just outside the medals for those competing in Rio.

The results are shown below.


1st Jacob Sutton Hungary
2nd Scott Cameron Canada
3rd Leon Jackson Germany
1st Murrean Frost USA
2nd Eden Harradine Japan
3rd Isla Chalmers Italy
1st Freddie Blakey Italy
2nd Lewis Murray China
3rd Abbi Miller Spain
1st Jim Chalmers USA
2nd Maisie Dallas Canada
3rd Megan Dallas Spain
1st Lillyanna MacDonald Brazil
2nd Connor Kelly Germany
3rd Laura Fraser Australia
1st Colla MacDonald Canada
2nd Jack West Japan
3rd Lisa Findlay USA
1st Lillyanna MacDonald Brazil
2nd Laura Fraser Australia
3rd Jack Gray USA

The 200m race was particularly close, while Lilly produced an excellent performance giving her a clear advantage into the final straight, the sprint for the silver and bronze was very exciting. Jack came home very fast overtaking two other athletes and closed quickly on Laura. However, Laura held enough back to give a final kick of speed at the end and just hold the charging Jack off on the line.

1st Kai Frost Germany
2nd Isla MacArthur China
3rd Toni Demirev Hungary

Following these events we were able to discuss with pupils about the challenges of sporting competition, the joy of winning and the disappointment of not doing as well as you hoped. It was a great opportunity to recognise our own strengths and, while we can’t be good at everything, there is always something we excel at.

Medal Standings (Day Two)

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