Kilchuimen Primary School Olympics (Opening Ceremony)

The weather report suggested the first week back at school would be glorious; complete sunshine from one horizon to the other. After a mild but mainly cloudy holiday we thought it a shame to not take the opportunity to enjoy the warmth with some outside learning.

Given the continued success of Team GB at the Olympics this summer we thought it presented the perfect topic to enjoy the sun. This first week we have organised the school into teams, each representing a different nation at the Olympics (twelve in total). In these teams they will compete in a number of different events for the usual gold, silver and bronze medals given out during the games.

The first thing we needed to do was conduct an opening ceremony. The P3/4 class created brilliant flags for each country which, with the help of bamboo canes, were carried by the team captains (P7s) while each team paraded into our purpose built Olympic stadium (the MUGA). A short speech was given by the president of the Kilchuimen Primary Olympic Commitee (Miss Starr) before the brand new Prime Minister of Kilchuimen Primary School, Mrs Walker (for the duration of these games at least), declared the Olympics officially open.

We then headed inside to our respective classrooms and learned as much as we could about the Olympic games, and their history, in the time we had remaining. The KPS Olympics have now officially begun.

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