Cawdor Castle

We enjoyed our visit to Cawdor Castle but the weather was terrible. The maze looked fun but we couldn’t go in because it was too wet. There was a kind of dry moat with a burn beside it. There were 45 rooms and there were lots of books. There were real ostrich feathers above Lady Cawdor’s four poster bed. There is supposed to a ghost that plays piano in Cawdor Castle but some of us say that it doesn’t play the piano! The gift shop was nice but expensive. There was a very steep staircase. Lady Cawdor has a ceramic shoe in her room that always has to point at the door. There is secret doorway going to the dungeons. The castle was built where it is because a man was told to build the castle where his donkey lay down to rest.

By Sarah, Jasmine, Catrina, Molly, Connor K and Jack.

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