We’ve had a busy few days! We have been celebrating Easter in all sorts of ways. On Wednesday Tabea came in to school for our Easter service. She told us, with Erin’s help, the Easter story. Then, we all wrote our troubles on leaves and attached them to the ‘Tree of Troubles’. Finally we sang some lovely songs and the younger bus-class pupils were able to lead us.

We had a decorated Easter egg competition on the last day of term. The eggs were placed in baskets and we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. The eggs in baskets brought in were ‘eggcellent’. We really had a hard time choosing winners, Mr Peers might have a few sleepless nights because he found it so hard. Mrs Walker judged the nursery eggs and the P1/2 eggs, Mr Peers judged the P3/4 eggs and Miss Starr judged the P5/6/7 eggs. It was very ‘eggciting’.

Finally, we went outside and rolled our eggs. It was quite wet and dreary but the eggs were all finally rolled and nearly all of them cracked (or, more accurately, smashed).

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