Reporting to Parents

We’d like to give a reminder to parents about what information we will routinely send out to you. Please remember that you can contact the school at any time if you would like more information.

Please find below a summary of our Reporting to Parents Schedule:

  • September- Parents Night
  • February- Parents Night
  • May- Annual Report
  • June- Open afternoon
  • Parental Curricular Information– September, January, May
  • Every term- Newsletters
  • Most terms- pupil Newspapers, we will try to stagger these so that they are not issued at the same time as the school newsletter, however please be patient as the end of term is often the logical time for this
  • The School Blog is up and running, please visit us at
  • ‘Learning Logs’: September, November, January, March, May and June

We plan to replace the November ‘Learning Log’ with an interim report but this is a work in progress.

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