P1/2 visit to Inverness Library

7th Dec 2015

What a terrific morning we had today. Julie, the librarian, invited us to go to the Central Library at Inverness because she wanted to help support and encourage children to enjoy reading and take part in the Scottish Book Awards. Each P1 child has gone home today with their bookbug bag containing, among other things, 3 books shortlisted for the Scottish Book Awards Children’s Book of the year.

Julie read us a brilliant book called Shark in the Park and then we sang some great songs. She ensured that every P1 child has his or her own library card and told us that we can all take books out at any local library and return them to any other local library, so we chose from the hundreds of books in the children’s section and we’ll be able to return our books to the mobile library when it next visits us in Fort Augustus. We spent a little time enjoying the tunnels under the book cases and sharing our books with each other, later on, we sang to Bookbug himself, sending him to sleep…and finally, we tiptoed out of the library without waking him up again. We all agreed this is a great place to visit and we’d like to go again with our families.


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